Q&A III: Pigments, Outdoor Rocks, Bubbles and Taking Photos

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Below are questions from 4 more artists who are experimenting with ArtResin on their work.  Hope these help!  Keep playing :)

Q: What is the coloured medium that you can pour ontop of wet resin to create a watercolour effect?
Do i mix it with anything before pouring it onto the resin? I have experimented with all mediums and i thought pouring coloured ink onto wet resin would work but when it dry’s i get a crater effect from the ink and nothing like a polished watercolour effect. HELP.
A: Have many pots of resin mixed at the same time with different colored pigments in them…  There are pigments available for resin: both opaque and transparent


I have used ink with resin and did not get craters…  strange.  Ink has a very cool reaction with resin.  You can pour the resin on wet ink, or pout the ink into the resin.  Very neat effect!


Q: can we use epoxy resin on soft stone/ stone and on wall and secondly
can we use this art for outdoor purposes.
A: now, resin on stone is fine.  a great idea.  Will really bring out the natural colours of the stone… similar to applying a glaze. as for outdoor use.  This is fine.  Remember, resin is also used on the bottom of boats!  it is very durable.  ONE THING to consider – resin will yellow over time, especially when exposed to UV light…  there are resins that are UV resistant.  consider this option!

good luck :)


Q: isn’t there a high risk of fire or explosion using a blowtorch with the resin to hit rid of bubbles? Isn’t the resin flammable?

A: no, the resin isn’t flammable.. is is toxic (fumes) – and corrosive… the worst part of the resin (part B – hardener) is that you get allergic to it over time if it continues to get on your skin.

if you are worried about using a blow torch, get a heat gun!  that is what i use.  works great.  I got one for $19 from the hardware store…  gets sticky though :P


Q: I am trying to photograph my art work and was wondering the epoxy resin finish will effect the photographs since its like glass. Is there anyway for me to avoid the glare or shoud . I photograph before i put the finish on. What do you do ?

A: just try and have ‘area’ light, like a semi cloudy day outside.

professional art photography would have a white tent with light shining on the outsides, with the painting on the insides…

sometimes i find you just need to continue to adjust your lights and the angle of the piece until you get a good shot without glare.

or, if you know how… photograph darker, and adjust levels and colour in photoshop.


awesome stuff going on the art world.  Please share your Resin experiences with us!

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