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The creative process simplified

My conceptualization of the creative process, as illustrated in Part 2 of Raising Creativity (2013), differs from that in the Ontario Arts Curriculum (OAC) document (Ministry of Education and Training, 2009, p. 20). I have purposely synthesized and simplified this version from the Ministry of Education (MOE) for... [+]

Part 2 (literature review) is live!

The second instalment of my five-part video series is complete and now live! This instalment of Raising Creativity constitutes the literature review of my research-based documentary.       Just as in a traditional dissertation, this second “chapter” of my multimodal dissertation provides a comprehensive overview... [+]

The learning environment

In Raising Creativity, a range of different settings constitute the backdrop from video to video. Because this series deals with education in its broadest conception, it is intentional that the scenes in which my narration take place do not only show the traditional classroom, as... [+]

The unschooled art student

In looking back on my own schooling experience in the public system in Ontario, I consider myself a product of the mainstream system only in part. There was not a year that I did not attend mainstream school, yet honestly I think much of what... [+]