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Response to part 1 feedback

In response to feedback I received from one of my committee members, I would like to clarify my thinking regarding a section of the first video of Raising Creativity. . Part 1 of this documentary series serves in essence as an introduction to the topic... [+]

The learning environment

In Raising Creativity, a range of different settings constitute the backdrop from video to video. Because this series deals with education in its broadest conception, it is intentional that the scenes in which my narration take place do not only show the traditional classroom, as... [+]

First video (rationale) is live!

In this post, I’m very pleased to present the first of five videos in the Raising Creativity series/polyptych, part one of my research documentary. .    Since the five videos I have proposed are meant to cover the same content as one would find in... [+]

Teachers' duty of agency

Teachers’ duty of agency

In my interpretation, agency is an embedded responsibility within the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. In this blog I discuss the wording of these standards from the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and the understanding I glean from it. .    The Standards of Practice... [+]

The multimodal PhD framework

Before my PhD proposal could be approved at the departmental level, part of the task was to necessarily develop a framework for the alternative, multimodal format for the Ph.D. dissertation. I worked collaboratively with my supervisor, Dr. Jennifer Rowsell, and Dean Michael Plyley to produce the following.... [+]

Alternative dissertation formats

It’s 2013. Writing as we know it has changed, having evolved with technology (Dobson, 2005) yet the expectations for the dissertation have remained constant. Innovative writing formats can now offer scholarship new perspectives, new audiences, and new directions moving forward. Here I discuss how art-based... [+]

The unschooled art student

In looking back on my own schooling experience in the public system in Ontario, I consider myself a product of the mainstream system only in part. There was not a year that I did not attend mainstream school, yet honestly I think much of what... [+]

The Artist/Researcher/Teacher

I identify with the artist/researcher/teacher (a/r/t) construct born from the methodology A/r/tography. In this post borrowed from, I describe what it means to be an a/r/t in practice. .    The a/r/t is a single self-concept forged from three intersecting roles (artist, researcher, and teacher)... [+]

My dissertation proposal

My dissertation proposal

NURTURING CREATIVITY IN EDUCATIONAL CONTEXTS: ART-BASED INQUIRY INTO ALTERNATIVE LEARNING METHODS Research Question and Rationale .       As an artist/researcher/teacher (Irwin & de Cosson, 2004)—that is, as a person who concurrently makes art, teaches art, and investigates issues related to art and pedagogy—I... [+]