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Summer 2013 update

Summer 2013 update

It’s midsummer already, and a lot is in motion. I thought I would take a moment to report on progress so far and to reflect on the whole dissertation process. .     After having my research proposal approved in January, I felt disburdened and revitalized... [+]

First video (rationale) is live!

In this post, I’m very pleased to present the first of five videos in the Raising Creativity series/polyptych, part one of my research documentary. .    Since the five videos I have proposed are meant to cover the same content as one would find in... [+]

Starting the dissertation journey

My proposal hearing isn’t for another 2 days, but I’ve already begun to piece together thoughts, ideas, and film experiments as the first few steps in this dissertation journey. .    Of course, none of this is coming out of thin air; I’ve been ruminating over this... [+]